A New Era

We are entering a new era, the era of information. An era where more and more are people are waking up. More and more people are starting to realise how this system, the matrix, is working. More and more people don’t want this shitty job anymore and start to follow their dreams. The world has never had so many millionaires as it does today. Why ? Because people are starting to chase their dreams and it’s time that you do it too !

Why this whole change ? Every generation was programmed differently. When you look to the generation of our grands-parents, they didn’t have a lot of comfort or money and most of them have known misery (all these wars). So for them it was normal and a must to just take whatever job, to survive. When they say: “just take a job, please”, it’s not their fault, they were just programmed like that. You have to listen to yourself.

Year by year, this comfort was getting better and better. Our parents had more and more freedom and comfort (not all of them). Some of our parents had the chance to go to schools, to travel, they had some choice in jobs, … But still, to take a job was a must.

When you look to our generation (90’s), we already have all the comfort that we want! With all these technologies, life was never so easy as before. And there is the change, if this generation just takes a job for the money, and they don’t like it, it would be a stagnation of the evolution.

A lot of young people don’t see this, that’s why, one of the reasons, more and more people are getting depressed and getting unhappy and yet life was never so comfortable as before. With one click on your screen, everything comes to you.

So how is that possibly ? Having everything and still unhappy and depressed.

One of the reasons is that, in the actual society is very easy to create dopamine, the hormone who creates pleasure, but I don’t want to get further is this subject.

The biggest reason is our education, in school and most of the homes. The school education is out-of-date, that has be changed. When technology came, school had to be changed because to have good marks, we only we have to memorize the things that we see in our book. Everything that you memorize, you can easily find it on the internet. It’s a waste of time. Personally, when I went to school, I felt like a robot and a product. Ready to go to the market. We need a system that’s explores the full potential of every human, to find his talents, competences and what he’s/her dreams are. That’s how the education system should be. The best example of this system, are the schools of the isha foundation. If you are interested take a look.

By writing this, I’m not saying that you all should leave your job immediately right now. It’s just a reminder that you are more than you think you are. Don’t you think that life is not more than just to have a job, that you don’t like, go on pension and die like that?

Don’t you think just doing a job for earning a living is limited ? Even a worm, an ant or a bird can do that. Don’t you think you can do more with this big brain?

I hope this inspired some people and remember: you do what you want in life, you are the master.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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