What is The Mind ?

Do ever asked yourself: “where did this thought come from?”, what are thoughts? Is that me ? Why this thought came to me?

The thoughts that we have come from the collective mind. You have to see this as an enormous field of vibrations. All the universe is vibration. To make this easier to understand, you have to see thoughts as bubbles who are floating around. When a bubble touches you, PAF, it comes into your mind.

The essential point that you have to understand is this: you are not your mind, so neither the thoughts and not even the body. ” Who am I then ?”, if you become conscious that you are not the mind neither the body, you will understand who you really are. You are the consciousness that experience the thoughts, emotions, the body, … The moment you can create a little distance between You, the mind and the body, you will never suffer again.

When thoughts come up to you, you have to be like an observer. Observe these thoughts, don’t even judge them, just observe. You have to see thoughts like clouds, just passing away. Don’t even identify with them because they are not you. Sometimes, a thought comes up, but it feels special. That’s your intuition. If you are intuitive you can feel that.

The reason why a lot of people are suffering is because the mind works against them, their own intelligence. You don’t have to see the mind as an enemy, you have to see it as your employee. The mind has to be like your arm, when you want to move your arm, you move it, right? Well you have to do the same with your mind.

You have to see your mind like a little monkey. Indians have a word for that but I don’t remember anymore. This little monkey gets very easily distracted. It’s very normal that the mind is confused. A good working mind should be confused because it is he’s nature.

When you are anxious or have fear, it’s all a creation of the mind. Fear is just a bluff of your mind. It’s ok to feel anxious or to fear, you have to accept it and become conscious that you fear or are anxious. It is just your imagination, you are creating scenes that don’t exist. How many times did you not imagine a scene in your mind about something that maybe will happen and actually it didn’t happen? Just become conscious when this happens. Your mind is trying to live in the future, but it’s useless because the future doesn’t exist.

Here is a proof how powerful your mind is:

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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