What is Destiny ?

I would to start with a story who actually explains how life is, you will understand: It’s a story of a king. He was not a particularly wise king, but his real blessing was his counselor. He had a counselor who was very wise. The king was not wise, but he was wise enough to know that he has a wise counselor. Everywhere the king goes, the counselor goes with him, everywhere. The counselor seemed to always have a very positive outlook on things. If anything happened, sometimes the counselor would say: ‘this is not bad my lord’. The king would believe.

One morning, the king was getting out of bed. On his way to go to the bathroom he slipped and fell on his elbow. It smashed open, he was screaming of pain. The first thing that the king shouted was he’s counselor. The counselor came and said:’ My lord, what is it?’. He says: ‘Ah! Look what’s happened to my arm!’. The counselor looked and said: ‘It is good my lord’. The king was very upset. He said: ‘How could you say something like that? Look how much it hurts! Get away from me!’. He was very angry. He called: ‘Guards, take him away!’. They took the counselor down the steps, into the dungeon and put him in a jail cell. The counselor just sat quietly.

So the king stays in bed now, he couldn’t go anywhere for a while. His arm is still hurting, they bandaged his arm, everything. After one week passed, he could not bear sitting there, just waiting for his arm to heal. He got up one morning, he was feeling much better, and he felt:’ I have to get some fresh air’. He felt like riding, he loved riding. So he called to get the royal horses, one horse saddled up, his favorite horse. He mounted the horse, and he goes, he is enjoying. The counselor is still in jail, sitting and waiting. So the king goes for a very long way. He especially felt like not stopping and he is galloping. Until he came to the edge of his own kingdom, and he didn’t even realise that, but he is in a strange land. Along the way he sees a white deer and he is captivated. He slows the horse down. He is looking at this deer, but didn’t see a tree branch, bam! The king falls off and quickly he is captured by a tribe of cannibals.

They captured the king and then somehow they are taking him back to the village. The king is terrified, he could see that they are cannibals. They are going back and already sent a message to the village:’We have got a fat one coming’. So the cannibals arrived in the village, starting to play some music, dancing, and they are building a big fire.

They put him inside one room for a minute and there is a big celebration going. The king is totally terrified. He is looking through the wall of the hut, looking out, and he sees that they are preparing a big skewer. Then came the moment and they came for him. They are pulling him and the king is naturally screaming. At the last minute, they are about to bring him right to the fire, they are pulling and his sleeve came off. The cannibals saw the bloody elbow. Suddenly, they stop, they look and everybody goes: ‘Aaaw’. Big disappointment, he is imperfect, they cannot sacrifice him.

So then they all took him to the horse, pushed him onto his horse and slapped the horse. The king is hanging on. He is completely traumatised by the experience. After a long time, he finds himself back in his own kingdom. He is exhausted, they took him off his horse. He collapses completely out of just the impact of all this.

The king is beginning to reflect how lucky he is. And then he remembered the counselor’s words:’This is good my lord’. He remembered the counselor:’ My counselor! He’s been in jail for over one week, innocent’. Immediately, he himself goes down into the dungeon. They opened the door and the counselor is sitting. The king says:’You know, you are so good, you are my best counselor’. He told him the story:’ Look at that, it turned out to be good for me, but you were locked up. How did it turn out to be good for you?’. The counselor stopped a moment and said:’Well my lord, you know, I’m always with you. So when you went out riding, wherever that would have been, I would have been with you and they would have captured both of us. When they saw they could not have sacrificed you, then they would have sacrificed me. So it was good for me to be here in jail.’

So the point of this story is that you don’t know how things are going to turn out. Sometimes we are making premature conclusions like ‘Oh, this so bad’. You just have to keep quiet and don’t wait. Trust in life. The more quiet you are, the more you will see things as they really are. The mind is always acting prematurely, always too quick to make a judgement and always misinterpreting things.

When terrible things happen, most of the time, they are disguised blessings. You have the choice, either you suffer from it or you become wiser. You can’t control what happens outside, too many forces are involved. What happens inside you, should always be in your control. Don’t force things out, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Life is trying to teach you something.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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