What is Time ?

What is time? Does time exist? Is it only made by the humans?

“The problem of the humans is that they think they have time” Buddha

I totally agree with this quote, people think they have time. You just have to look around. In my opinion, time doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. Every second that passes away on your watch, is one second closer to your death. This may look very negative, but this is the pure reality. The problem is that people think that they are immortal, actually, they aren’t conscious that they are mortal. Life can stop at any moment. You have to induce mortality in every day of your life, beautiful things are going to happen.

When you become conscious that your time is very precious, you will use it in a more efficient way. The time that is passing away, is time that you never ever EVER will get back. It’s insane to waste time, because we can’t make anymore when it runs out!

We spend way too much of our time preparing for life. Live right now, don’t delay happiness. The future is uncertain and it’s not in your control. The life in the future you’re working towards may never come. We are so busy and worried about the future that we often let the present moment slip away.

Being busy with things we don’t like is the greatest distraction from living. The best way you can invest your time is by investing in creating a life you love living.

The only time that exist is the present moment. You only can live in the here and the now. The air that you just breathe in, the words that you now are looking on your screen. The past is just your memory and the future is just your imagination. The past was the present moment and the future will be the present moment. It’s just your mind that can go to the past and the future, not you. Personally, when I see that my mind is going away from the present moment, I focus on my breath and I’m back in the here and the now.

If you want to know more about the present moment, I suggest you this book -> Eckhart Tolle: The power of the now.

I think we didn’t come on earth to be happy or to be in peace. These 2 things should be your fundamentals in life. You came here to wake up, to be become conscious. If you don’t wake up, death will do it for you. It’s your choice. The moment you will die, you will start living and realise what life is.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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