What is the Purpose of Life ?

Do I have a purpose ? Is there a purpose? Do I need to have a purpose? What if I don’t find my purpose ?

Every little creature on this planet has a purpose. When you look at a bee, he is fulfilling his purpose. Every tree, flower, plant or whatever are fulfilling their purpose. We, humans, are a bit more complicated because we have a certain level of consciousness. All the other living entity on this planet are fulfilling their purpose because they don’t have this level of consciousness, so in other words, they don’t think about it.

So now, what about us ? The problem is people think they have to find a purpose to their life because there is a sort of psychological need. These people for sure they won’t find their purpose. The reason for that is you can’t find a purpose in your mind or to think about it. You have to go within yourself, then purpose will find you and not the other way.

People who think they have received purpose from something above, did the cruelest things on this planet. A lot of people die without fulfilling their purpose because they couldn’t reach a certain level of consciousness. This society also don’t want you to fulfill your purpose. This society wants you to become a good employee or worker not a free human.

Is there a need to have a purpose ? For some people, there is no need to fulfill their purpose, and they are fine with that. Other people are a little more curious in life. They will ask questions and they will fulfill their purpose. Now, to fulfill your purpose you need a certain balance in your life. If you want to climb high, you need to have balance otherwise you will fall. When you don’t have this balance it’s more preferable that you stay on the ground. First you have to seek balance then you can start to climb. How to find balance ? Meditation is the best way to find balance. You will know yourself.

Once you know yourself, anybody’s opinion on you will not affect you because you know who you are. I don’t say that you don’t have to listen to advice. Listen to it, if it’s going to help you, take it. Once you know who you truly are, you will fulfill your purpose. No doubt about that. To resume this article: You are the purpose !

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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