What is The Ego ?

As I said in one of my post: ‘What is Life ?‘, That we people, consist of three levels: The body, the mind and the soul. The soul comes from the causal energetic field, or, in other words, the field of potentiality. Characteristic of this field is that everything is energy: The same energy. At this level there is no difference between you and me. At the level of body and mind, you and I are different. Which means, there is a presence or an absence. We need the difference to experience ourselves. The law of duality gives us this possibility. Therefore, it is as many hours light as dark and there is an equal presence and absence of love. Everything consists of two, otherwise we would not be able to experience it. The ego represents the absence and the heart the presence. One cannot without the other until, literally, death separates them. As long as we have a shape, we play the game between these two opponents.

The Ego

The ego teaches us how to deal with the form, and the ego tells us that we have an identity, that we must be careful when crossing because there is a danger. Watch out for our stuff and stand up for ourselves. Sometimes the ego is overconfident and tries to take over your life, not knowing that that is not the intention. We have an ego but we are not the ego. It can also happen that someone has too little ego, an inferiority complex and therefore does not dare to claim what life has to offer him or her.

When the ego is out of balance, it often causes fear of life. Life is an opponent and you have to fight to get what you want. The ego thinks in absence, it creates the illusion that there is not enough of everything in stock. While one good view of nature shows us immediately that everything is in abundance.

The Heart

The heart represents the presence. Everything is there because it has always been and will always be there. The heart thinks in now, in being and that everything is accessible to everyone. It loves sharing, compassion and abundance. The heart represents the energy of joy. Joy in our inner life, family, relationships and work makes us directly connect to the causal field. That is why the principle of sharing is so important. The whole nature is aimed at multiplying itself and the more it can be shared the more the energy can flow through.

Here is a scene that will make the difference between these 2 obvious: Suppose you’re in a room with 4 friends. You are making plans for the day. You wonder how you can have a nice day with your low budget. The rest don’t know that you just found 500 euros on the ground. You start imagining things, what will you do with the money? Your ego tells you that it is doing well to carefully hide it. Your heart thinks very differently. You have 500 euros to divide over 5 people so you can have a great day together. What do you do ? You will probably hear the 2 voices. These 2 voices play the game of contrast, presence or absence.

When the ego takes over, everything goes wrong. The ego does not like to share and therefore the causal field feels that there is a stagnation and stops the flow. I’m not saying that you should give away things, I am talking about sharing. Learning to share is essential if you want to stay ‘in flow’. Everything is there ! Everything! There is no scarcity! How do you think the world would look like if we all share? You think one child would die of hunger or that people would not have access to the right medicines ?

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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