The 6 Steps of Success

What is the definition of success for you ? For me, success is the extent to which you are able to live your desires. But success is also a process in which not only the outcome is important but also the journey itself. A kind of staircase, where step by step you come closer to your goal.

Imagine standing on an imaginary staircase. A staircase with 6 steps. At the top of the stairs you see a door and what is behind the door, only you know. You feel you have to step up the stairs because you are sure that behind the door you will find the fulfillment of your desires.

Carefully, you take the first step:

You are on the first step with both feet and you decide to go. You have determined your way. The stage of inner dialog is behind you. Nothing or no one can stop you from reaching the top step of the stairs and your thoughts are fully focused on the road you want to follow. It feels good and you are ready for the second step.

Consciously, you take the second step: (What do you want to find behind the door?)

you feel the desire to continue, to examine what it really is what you want. Dreams will remain dreams if you do not really make a choice to get your desires into view. How do you get what you want and how do you avoid getting lost on the road and that the outcome of your desire doesn’t slip through your fingers? You feel the desire to go one step higher.

Curious, you take the third step: (how determined are you ?)

On the third step you feel it is time to collect the right tools. Everything you need is in the thinking field of energy and the right connection between your talent and that field makes it easy to get the right frequency on your way to manifest what you want to give yourself.

Excited, you take the fourth step: (What are your talents?)

You are now well on the way. You know that everything you can see in the mind will manifest itself in the physical world. That means, it is time to move the field of energy. All the right directions will come on your path by encounters, situations or people who will point you the way.

You take the fifth step with confidence: (are you alert to what is happening in your environment ?)

Once you feel the fifth step under your feet, you understand that you already live everything. You are on energetic level all you want to be. It is a matter of time before you begin to see the first signals in your life. You already are the outcome of your desires, if you dare to trust.

Happy and grateful you take the sixth step:

The door will open soon. You know what is behind the door. If you have understood and applied all the steps correctly, you know that your thoughts have created the image behind the door, it’s almost as if the sixth step has a final test for you and whispers: ‘Are you sure what is behind the door? If you have any doubts, wait a moment before you give yourself permission to receive what you would like to have. Are you ready? Oh, wait a minute before opening the door. First, clear your mind and know what your heart and soul desire and then open the door.’

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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