Why Do Humans Suffer ?

Why more and more people are depressed ? Why more and more people are suffering? Why more and more people have anxiety and stress? I would say that at least 85% of the people have one of these problems. Some of them don’t even are aware that they have these problems, it’s becoming normal.

I think that there are multiply reasons for all these problems, but the biggest reason is that the intelligence of these people is working against them. We have received 2 magnificent tools with our evolution, Imagination and memory. Well, these 2 things are working against the people right now.

Either they go with their mind in the past, this triggers these emotions of past and still suffer in the now or they go with their mind in the future and start to create all possible worst case scenarios and they get anxious and stress in the now. The past and the future don’t exist, the only thing that exists is the eternal now. Still people are suffering because someone insult them 5 years ago, isn’t that crazy ?

” The mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master” ~Osho

Make your mind your servant or friend, not your enemy. Use your mind in your favor and you will do magnificent things in your life.

The second reason is the ego. Too much people are identified with the image that they have of themselves or the image that other people give to them. They are too much identified with the beliefs that they have. Be flexible, be shapeless and formless.

The third reason is that people want to control their live too much. Just let go, the universe has your back. Live like someone always got your back. You have the best compass in you, that’s your soul. He knows the way that have to take. Follow it ! If you take the opposite direction, life is going to be hard.

So now, what is the solution to all these problems ? I would say meditation, meditation and meditation. By meditating, you will calm your mind and learn to live in the present moment. Your sufferings will go away. 20 minutes of meditation a day, keeps the doctor away !

Accept how your situation is at this moment, relativize, be grateful with what you have, visualize how you want your future, be positive and keep the vibration high !

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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