Why Do We Have Desires ?

What are desires ? Where do they come from ? Why do we have this feeling that we have to achieve them? Why are we attracted by these desires? I will try to explain to you, why you absolutely have to follow your desires.

There are intriguing questions that we need to ask ourselves: Who are we? What is our essence? Why do we live? What is our goal ? What should we look for?  What is life all about?

The answer to all these questions is as simple as complex: Everything is about desires. Everything we want to manifest begins with a desire. A wish is not as strong as a desire. A wish is something we want, while a desire comes from our soul. Desire drives us. It wants to be satisfied, heard and seen. We do it for that ! Not for the flag or homeland, but for ourselves. To live our own desires! It is human nature to desire and fulfill his desires. Fortunately, we don’t have the same desires. It would be boring in the world if we all wanted to do the same work. Yet we have collective desires, such as love and happiness. Every person has his own interpretation of happiness.

Now the question is: Where do our desires come from?

They don’t come just like that and they don’t suddenly disappear. A desire is in search of fulfillment and until we experience our desires , we continue to seek. That is what we really want. We want to develop the ability to fulfill our own desires. We have been given a powerful tool: Our spirit. We can create everything we think of. Any desire that we really have, we can fulfill it. In the kabbala, they speak of Light. Light is the code word for life fulfillment, the source of all desires. Light is power, a force that attracts exactly the things we need to achieve this fulfillment. We also call this power the law of attraction.

I have also written an article about the 12 laws of the universe. You can use these laws in your favor to fulfill your desires.

The law of attraction is a practical and living knowledge and if you know how life works, it will work for you. This intelligence or power works through invisible laws and processes. The best thing is that it’s in service for everyone! All our desires come from this invisible field and by going to live our desires, we become acquainted with the law of fulfillment. An article on the law of fulfillment comes out tomorrow, stay tuned ! 

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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