How To Fulfill Our Desires ?

This article is going to be a follow-up of my previous article: Why Do we have Desires ? So if you haven’t seen it, I suggest that you first look my previous article first. Now the question is: How do we fulfill these desires ?

At an early age, we learn that if we desire something, we must do our best. In other words, a desire is an impulse to an act. That is how we are used to thinking. The law of desire teaches us something quite different. It contains an important message that everything is already there. Our desire is not an impulse for action but a call for alignment! You don’t have to make happiness, love, prosperity, abundance or prosperity. It’s all there. It works the same as the electricity in our living room. When light is off and the room is dark, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t electricity. It is a matter of finding the switch and turning on the light. Understanding and applying this law of desire changes the order in our mind. We are used to having a desire first and then the outcome. In reality, it is just the other way around. The fact that it is already there gives the impulse, the message, and makes that desire awakens.

Desires are direction indicators of the universe

How to know your heart or soul desires: ‘seek and you will find’, is written in the Bible. But isn’t it the case that the correct interpretation of this biblical clue reminds us that searching should not happen outside but within ourselves? ‘Be quiet and know who I am’, is another indication. The original biblical texts and wisdom religions are full of clues and codes and promise an exciting journey for the sincere seeker. Searching stops when we discover that everything, but everything, is there and that it’s not a matter of finding, but increasing the inner frequency to get in alignment with that which is desired. How can you find real love when you don’t love yourself?  

Dream to your heart’s content. Dream your desire, because you are the director of your own movie. You can visualize everything you want. You decide on which frequency you want to live on. No one else. The higher and cleaner your frequency, the more light you will experience in your life. Fear is the lowest connection. It breaks the connection with your inner light and brings more fear because the law of attraction attracts exactly what you focus on.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

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