Do We Reincarnate ? Part 1

Do we reincarnate ? In my opinion, yes. I will try to explain to you why I’m convinced that we reincarnate. I will write multiple articles on this subject because otherwise the articles are going to be too long and that’s not fun to read.

Like I said in many of my articles, the human consists of 3 layers: the body, the mind and the soul. You are the soul. Now, what is actually the soul? The soul is this pure consciousness, the silent witness or the observer. Don’t try to put an image on this because it’s impossible. It’s shapeless, formless and it’s not in space-time, it’s non-dimensional. The fact that you can observe your thoughts, your emotions, your body means that you aren’t these things. What is observed can’t be the observer, right ?

The truth is that your soul has been on a multi lifetime path for eons of time. You’ve probably been hundreds of times on this planet, sometimes even more than that, sometimes less. So the broader view is to think of your soul as this enormous stream of consciousness. That stream of consciousness evolves through a multi lifetime perspective, continually growing, taking his gifts into each new lifetime that it incarnates in. You are “born” with a lot of information that you bring from other past lives. That’s why a lot of people can remember their past lives. (I will write an article on past lives another time)

How reincarnation works?

The topic of reincarnation is extremely complex, that’s why I’m going to make it easy to understand. Here is a plan how reincarnation works:

So we start with step 1 and this process never ends, it’s an infinite loop.

In this article, I’m going to aboard step 1: Life Planning.

You would be surprised at just how much of your lifetime is planned. Your soul plans, everything before it incarnates into a body. Not only what experiences it wants to experience, but also it chooses your biological family. You establish ‘soul contracts’ with a bunch of other souls for you to meet down here and do your thing and evolve together. That’s why you have a lot of soulmates, and not only in love relationships. So there’s an enormous amount of complexity in the life planning. Your soul chooses everything like your gender and everything else.

Now in programming life, there are Light workers and non-Light workers. The life planning for Light workers is a little different from the life planning for non-Light workers. It doesn’t mean that Light workers are better than non-Light workers. Light workers have different reasons for coming down here. A non-Light worker soul will generally have a life plan that is very focused on personal evolution, on a soul level. What needs to happen for their soul to evolve more, more and more. That’s generally the primary driving behind the life planning of a non-Light worker soul. On the other hand, the Light worker soul is a bit different. They are also really concentrated on personal evolution because all souls are concentrated on personal evolution, but the Light worker soul is not only thinking about personal evolution, they also have a driving question that every Light worker soul has: How can I help ? They plan their life to be of service to others or the planet.

When you have a spiritual awakening, automatically your vibration is going to be high. Then, synchronicties are going to happen: you are going to meet that specific person or land in this particular situation. These are not coincidences or accidents, they happen with a reason. When you experience synchronicities, it’s a sign that you are on the right path. That’s what I mean with this life planning.

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