Do We Reincarnate ? Part 2

So this article is going to be a follow-up of my first article on reincarnation. If you haven’t read my first article on reincarnation, I suggest that you read this one first: Do We Reincarnate ? Part 1. In this article, I’m going to tackle cycles 2 & 3 of reincarnation.

Here is the map how reincarnation looks like: (I have already written about step 1 in my previous article)

Cycle 2: Avatar Programming

Avatar programming essentially means that your soul is going to work overtime in the initial phases of your life down here on planet earth, meaning in utero. So what usually happens is the soul will keep checking into your mom’s womb. It will check the little body that’s developing. It’s not fully immersed into the body yet in this phase. It’s also going to check if it still wants to be here. Although a lot of things are preplanned before you get here, it doesn’t mean that they plan out.

So what the soul does, especially in the first trimester, the soul starts to program the little body, but like I said it’s also checking in and deciding if it wants to stay or no. Maybe he wants to wait a little bit more because the situation has changed down there. The soul ultimately makes these decisions even after pregnancy. That’s why miscarriages in the trimester of pregnancy are quite common because the soul hasn’t yet materialized, it hasn’t anchored fully in the body.

There are 2 reasons why the soul does all this overtime work during pregnancy: you are floating in a water medium and you have no ego/conscious mind. Water is a high conductor of energy meaning that your soul can pump much more information and it can be integrated and worked through when you are immersed in water. The second reason is that you don’t have a sense of self yet and so the soul takes advantage of that because one of the hardest things for the soul to work around is the ego.

Cycle 3: Birth and Life

This is where all the fun takes place. You come out of your mom’s womb and boom you have a new body. You have to understand that even though your soul has been around for so many times on this planet, it has never incarnated in this exact configuration that you have right now. That’s why this so revolutionary for the soul because each time it incarnates, it incarnates in a different body and that diversity of experience accelerates the soul’s evolution.

Even when you come out mom’s womb, the soul still programs you. It uses the brainwaves that your brain generates. So early on in life, your brain is generating, especially in these first years up to 6 years old, this beautiful brainwave called theta. Theta brainwaves are beautiful because they are almost hypnotic. it’s the brainwave of insight, of learning new things. It’s literally the hypnosis. I will put a video of theta brainwaves, so you can listen to it. It’s very relaxing. So the soul takes advantage of this brainwave and keeps programming, programming and programming until your ego comes up. When the ego and personality comes up, then things become a little harder for the soul because you want to make your own decisions, find a place in this world,… Your brainwaves also changes after 7 years, it becomes alpha brainwaves which are more for critical thinking.

Here is the video of the theta brainwaves, just listen to it and enjoy!

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