Do We Reincarnate ? Part 3

This is the third and last part of reincarnation. If you haven’t read the 2 other articles about reincarnation, I recommend to read these 2 first: Do We Reincarnate ? Part 1 & Do We Reincarnate ? Part 2. In this article, I’m going to focus on the 3 last steps of reincarnation.

Here is the same map that I used for my other articles about reincarnation to make it easier to understand:

Step 4: Death Process

The death process takes a while, sometimes it can take week, sometimes days. Sometimes it’s faster for others, it depends. The death process is basically when your soul is preparing to disengage from the body. In the steps before you were going through life, you were being programmed by the soul. The soul was coming down in utero and it was starting to program the baby, not just with programs from past lives, but also with etheric layers, the aura, the chakras,… Now in the death process, the opposite is happening. Your soul disengages your electromagnetic field, your chakras, … It takes all the information that it has acquired in all the years in this body and pulls it out. Without the soul’s essence in there, the physical avatar dies. So even after the soul disengages, it still takes a while for the soul to crossover. Sometimes it can take days, sometimes a week, but it isn’t set in stone.

All of that information merges back to the soul and then it goes “home”. The death process occurs when the soul wants to go. From a human perspective, it may feel like sometimes a soul leaves when it’s not ready, but from a soul and spiritual perspective, that’s never true because the will of the soul is absolutely predominant. So the soul is going to leave the body whenever it wants to.

Everything in life has a cause and an effect. That’s why it is necessary to urge anyone contemplating committing suicide to think carefully about the consequences of suicide. This is because committing suicide has very grave consequences.

Step 5: Life Review

In this step, the soul transitions over to the other side with all the information acquired from the lifetime that you just lived. In this process, the soul is reviewing what’s gone well, what hasn’t gone so well, basically all your experiences. From a soul perspective, it doesn’t really matter if something went well or not because the soul takes advantage of everything. Even if you’ve had some twists and turns down here that the soul didn’t plan prior, the soul just takes it. All of your experiences down here are information that feeds the soul’s evolution.

A lot of things are happening in this process: you are assessing whether you did kind of what you had planned on a soul level, you assess all the twists and turns that your life had, you assess whether your life mission was complete or not, you assess whether you were able to heal all the pain needed to be healed from the past because the soul is always looking to drop baggage in a lifetime.

The reason that the souls goes through all of this is because this life review is then going to be super important in the life planning step that’s going to come after. So this life review is going to give the soul very important information that it then is going to use for the next life planning. The main goal of all of this is for the evolution of the soul.

Now the thing is, if your ego got really hardened and it didn’t let your soul take over. It didn’t listen to the soul and you just lived a really suffered life because the ego never gave up control and so what’s going to happen in that circumstances, in the life review, the soul is going to say: ” I transitioned and in this lifetime there was shame, sorrow, guilt, anger, … A lot of heavy emotions that I wasn’t able to process in that human avatar.” So guess what the soul is going to do? It’s going to include the processing of those emotions in the life planning for the next life. The soul knows it has to let go and heal in order to continue his evolution.

Step 6: Spiritual hangout

In this cycle or step, the soul hangs out, it’s chills a little bit. This is the timeframe between lifetimes, but it’s impossible for you to quantify how much it’s going to be. Sometimes the soul chooses to be on the other side for a few years, in linear time, on the other side time isn’t linear. Sometimes for decades, sometimes for hundreds of years before coming back here again.

What we know is that the souls of Lightworkes, tend to stay in those spiritual hangouts less time than non-Lightworkers. The reason for that is because one of the driving features of the Lightworker soul is to help. The Lightworker soul is always looking to help.

Once this spiritual hangout is over, then you are back to step one and then you start the whole loop over and over and over. That’s pretty much how the reincarnation loop works.

Remember, your soul is enormous. It’s an enormous stream of consciousness that’s experiencing its own evolution in various different realities.

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