Why Don’t We Remember Our Past Lives ?

There are some reasons why most of the people don’t their past lives. Nature wants to protect you. Most of the people already struggle with this life, imagine if you add their past lives. They would be a mess. People have great struggles with these few years of memories, suppose a few lifetimes of memory open up. It would cause turmoil within them.

There are 2 main reasons why most people don’t remember their past lives:

The first reason is the veil of forgetfulness. The veil of forgetfulness is basically one of the many rules of this reality. What the veil of forgetfulness means is that you have sort of a cover put over you. It conceals all the stuff you’ve been through, your karma. You forget where you come from, you forget what you’ve been through, you forget the lifetimes that you’ve had.

There are two parts operating, the lower self and the higher self. The lower self is like the body, the mind, personality,… The higher self is this pure consciousness, that’s what you truly are. The higher self never forget anything. It’s the lower self that’s covered with this veil of forgetfulness.

The second reason why we can’t remember past lives is because your higher self will block them until you’re ready to process them. It’s impossible to know when you will access it, your higher self will know when it’s time for you. Your higher self would really never expose you to something you would be unprepared to go through.

Now, why sometimes children can remember their previous birth?

Normally, a child should not remember. He just got a little bit lucky. Sometimes the systems in the nature fail, some data input mistake. Even when this happens, usually, before they grow up they tend to forget. A lot of children below 4 years of age, clearly remember their past. By the time they get older, it all dies out.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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