How To Start Your Spiritual Awakening ?

There is a beginning to everything, even tho the beginnings are not always easy. In this article I’m going to share with you, how I started my spiritual awakening. In my experience, it worked perfectly.

In the end of this article, I’m going to put a guided meditation video so it’s going to be easier for you. This type of meditation is called: Isha Kriya. It’s a very simple and basic meditation technique where in every inhale, you are going to say, mentally,: “I’m not the body” and every exhale, you are going to say: “I’m not even the mind”. What this meditation does is, little by little you are going to create a distance between you, the mind and the body.

In the beginning, it may look weird and unfamiliar, that’s normal. Just turn off your ego and prejudices and listen to it. I suggest that you this meditation technique, 15 minutes in the morning and when you feel that you can do it more, 15 minutes also before sleep.

You might not see the difference in a couple of days, It differs from person to person. After a week or two, you will be more peacefully and your mind is going to be calm.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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