Why Are We Destroying Planet Earth?

As an observer, I always looked at things as how they are. I will give you my opinion on why this society has to change. Why this system has to change. Why this economic structure has to change.

This whole system is unbalanced and is destroying the planet. If you have read my other articles, you know that the key to everything is balance. That’s how this universe works. If balance wasn’t there we wouldn’t exist, neither this whole cosmos. It’s not normal that 1% of the people control 82 % of the wealth. It’s not normal that we produce food for more than 10 billion people (we are at 7.6 billion currently) and still, people don’t have food. It’s not normal that 30 % of the population is obese and 30% of the population is starving. You see, there is no balance.

The thing is you can’t fight against the system, you will lose 100%. You win against the system by stepping out. If every human step out, there is no system, and they will be forced to change the things. The population always had the power, we just have to wake up.

By destroying the planet, we are destroying ourselves. We are nature, we are earth. It’s like whole humanity is committing suicide, it’s very stupid. But don’t think that we are going to destroy this planet, planet earth will destroy us first. That’s why all the richest people want to leave this planet, *hum* Elon Musk *hum* *hum*.

Now, how can we change this whole system?

I think the first step for change is by telling the truth to people. Telling to people who we truly are. That every human is unlimited potential. That we are spiritual beings. That everybody is the same. By telling how this whole universe works. That this body is just a piece of meat, a disguise. By stop spreading fear, that it’s not normal to be unhappy, that it’s not normal to be depressed, that it’s not normal to live every day with stress.

This whole society made you believe that all these things are normal. It’s your birthright to be free, to be happy every single day of your life, to be in peace. This whole system is made to distract you. Social media, television, radio, … all these things are made to distract you and tell you lies, fake news. They don’t want you to seek the truth. They don’t want you that you go inside yourself, with mediation, because otherwise, you are going to discover your true power. Instead, they make you believe that you have to pursue happiness. By buying more and more, by buying a bigger car, by buying the new IPhone. By wanting more and more. If you pursue happiness, you will only create more and more void in yourself. In the beginning, it will make you feel good but then you want more, to fulfill this void. This system is only made to feed your ego.

The universe, consciousness, God, nature, or whatever already gave you everything. It gave you this body and made it possible that you can experience life! You can’t lose anything, you came here with nothing and you go away with nothing. Be grateful for what you already have.

By telling the truth to people, more and more people are going to wake up. That’s the second step of change. By discovering who we truly are, more and more people will realize their power. They will realize their gifts, talents, passions, … With these gifts, talents, … people are going to express themselves. Every human being is a genius. There are plenty of studies that can prove that. It’s a fact. More and more people are going to create their own business. I’m not talking about selling shitty products or bullshit. I’m talking about selling their gifts, talents, … I’m not saying that every human being should start his own business, but at least there needs to be more balance. Not only these big companies. This system only advantages the big ones. They say: ” you need a job, otherwise what you are going to do?” you become anxious and boom you are trapped in the rat race.

By telling the truth, more people are going to become more conscious. By becoming more conscious, you will naturally take care of this planet.

This school system also has to change, it expired decades ago even centuries. It is only based on competition, memory and it exploits only one aspect of the human, the intellect. If you have better marks, you are better than someone else or smarter. See the problem is that this system confuses intelligence with memory. It’s not because you can memorize more than someone else that you are more intelligent, that’s false. Anyway, what does it mean to be smart? School never told you how this whole universe works, how money works, the mechanics of a human being, how your mind works. Actually, nothing about life.

Maybe you are going to say that I’m too optimistic. Well, at least I can say that I did my best and, if it fails, it fails. But if we continue this way, and we don’t change, we are going directly to our extinction.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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