How To Be Happy ?

It seems like to be happy, is a very difficult thing for people these days. Why is it so difficult for people to be happy? I will give you a couple of reasons and tips to always be positive.

The main reason why people aren’t happy is that things aren’t going the way they want it. If everything happened the way you wanted, you will always be happy, right? Well, life isn’t like that. Sometimes life is going to push you so that you are back on the right path. But at first sight, you won’t notice it and probably you are going to complain. That’s why you should have this inner peace and don’t judge too quickly.

What happens outside is not always in your power, too many forces are involved, but what happens inside yourself, should always be in your control. You have to control how you feel.

Happiness is not something that you have to pursue or find. It has to come from the inside, you already have everything. You just have to look inside.

The second reason why people aren’t happy is that they don’t like their work, or their work doesn’t mean anything to them. They are just doing the job for the money and paying the bills. Isn’t life more worth than that? Life is so short.

A couple of tips to be positive:

Be grateful! I can’t express how important it is to be grateful. Most of the people are underestimating the comfort that they have. We take everything for granted. A warm shower, your bed, a cup of coffee/thee, food,… It’s in these little things were you going to find joy. We are not aware of these little things until we lose them. So before you go to bed, write down or say the things that you are grateful for. Examples: My health, family, the food, … You will drastically change.

Live in the present moment. I know, you probably heard it 100 times, but that’s why it’s so important. The present moment, the eternal now is the only moment where you can live. The future and the past don’t exist. How to live in the present moment? Put 100 % of your attention on the things that you do and if you do nothing, put your attention on your breath. When you make food, talk to people, read a book, … put your attention on that and nothing else. Too many people when they are doing these things, think other stuff like: “I have to do this”, “What’s going to happen after that”, ” What if …”.

Around 200 000 people die every day without a particular reason, but you are still alive! Isn’t that fantastic?! And if the few important people around you are also alive, isn’t that more fantastic?! You see, even life we take for granted. Most of the people aren’t conscious that they are mortal. You, me, and all the people can die tomorrow. It’s possible. That’s why bringing mortality in your day is very important. When you bring that in your life, you will only do things that are important for you.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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