The Story Of The Flying King

Once lived there in the land of clouds a king. He was king by the grace of his father. Never had anyone asked him what he wanted to be. His destiny had been determined for generations and not a man who could change anything about it. One day the king became ill. The palace doctor came to look and could not discover anything. But when the king was still in his bed motionless after a week, the whole court position began to get into rap and stir. The doctor from the land of rain was called. He came on his spotted horse and was hastened by the wind. He too could not diagnose what he had and the two learned gentlemen took their shoulders on. After a few days, the doctor from the fireland came by and went to sit next to his colleague. The king apparently didn’t fault anything. But nothing in him still wanted to move. 

Last hope was established on the doctor of the land of air. He was an example for all doctors, the king of the knowing. He was present in a sigh and quietly took place next to the king. He put his sage hand on the head of this royal child and his eyes filled with tears. ‘ the king has homesick and suffers from deep sorrow.’ The whole court fell for a surprise because the king was home, surrounded by his family and loved ones? How could he have homesick and where did that deep sorrow come from?  The doctor blew his windy head and warned the kingdom thundering. ‘ the king has homesick to himself and everything must be done to help find himself again. He must not be hindered under any circumstances, otherwise you will not have a king.’ In these words, the doctor opened the curtains, lifted the king out of his bed and threw him out of the window. Now the panic was really great and the ladies of the court rushed down to catch the king. There was nothing to be found on the ground, no blood, not even a splash, let alone a king. Until one looked in the air and saw the king flew. The king flew with surrender and in ecstasy. He flew high and low, far and close, and the wind dried his tears and comforted his sorrow. He wanted to fly his entire life. Deep within he had always known that he could, it had been his deepest desire. He was told as a child that people could not fly. From that moment on he had saved his dream to the archive of his memory. Until his desire became so strong that he could no longer hide it. His soul wanted to fly and because he thought he could never fly, the king decided to die. 

On the day that the doctor of the land of air had indulged him that every man can make his dreams come true, even if you are a king, he understood that he could live and fly at the same time. So it had come and so it had gone. Meanwhile, the court position has long been used to their flying king. And sometimes when the weather is nice in the land of clouds, someone who flies a bit with the king rises. Because a good example is always followed. 

Most of the people are this king. They wanted to chase their dreams, but they never did because someone said that it was impossible. Never let someone decide whether your dream is possible or not. Don’t limit yourself, every dream is possible.

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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