5 Tips To Boost Your Immune System During This Pandemic

Today I want to give you some tips to improve your immune system during this pandemic and actually for every time of the year. I want to share this with you because the media won’t tell you stuff like that. The only thing what they share is fear, which means: False Evidence Appearing Real. By spreading fear they want you to believe that only the vaccine is going to save you. Please, don’t believe this bullshit. This vaccine is going to make it worse and won’t resolve the problem at all. You can’t create a vaccine in this short period of time, usually it takes 5 to 10 years to create an effective vaccine. Moreover, the virus is constantly mutating. So, this vaccine is definitely useless. By the time you vaccinate the whole population other viruses are going to appear.

I want to remind you that every day you breathe in over 100,000,000 viruses.
Antibodies help your immune system fight back.
This coronavirus is like every virus. They are overdramatizing in the media. If you take care of this body, it’s much stronger and intelligent than you think! Give it some attention.

One thing that you can do to defend yourself against this virus is to boost your immune system. Here are the 5 tips!

1. Honey

A daily consumption of honey will improve your immune system immensely. What I suggest is to buy your honey at a local producer because the honey in the supermarkets is mixed with syrup, sugar and other types of honey. Here are some benefits of honey: Antibacterial and antifungal properties, A good source of antioxidants (Antioxidants help to protect your body from cell damage), Honey provides nutrients, support a healthy gut and many many more!

In the yogic sciences, they say that daily consumption of honey in hot water will boost your energy body.

2. Vitamin D

We are approaching winter and also if you are in lockdown, we are less exposed to sunlight, which provides us our vitamin D. Vitamin is essential for us because a deficiency has been shown to potentially increase the risk of severe respiratory infections. Here is some healthy food where you can find your vitamin D: in fish like salmon, herring, sardines, tuna. If you don’t eat fish, you can find it in eggs, mushrooms, soy milk, oat, orange juice.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters. It is required for the functioning of several enzymes and is important for immune system function. You can find vitamin C in this kind of food: Kiwi, mango, broccoli, Mango, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries.

4. Zinc

Zinc is considered an essential nutrient, meaning that your body can’t produce or store it. For this reason, you must get a constant supply through your diet. Zinc is essential for cell growth and division, immune function, enzyme reactions, DNA synthesis and protein production.

You can find zinc is this type of food: Mushrooms, kale, peas, asparagus, beet greens, eggs, flounder, sardines, salmon, sole (if you eat fish). Pumpkin seeds, cashews, hemp seeds, oats, quinoa, brown rice.

5. Fresh Air

You need your daily fresh air. If you can go outside, go for a walk or a run. Go out in nature. If you are in lockdown, open your windows even for a couple of minutes. That’s why people get ill, they close themselves from everything, and they don’t open their windows.

Properly airing your house is absolutely essential. In particular, it:

  • eliminates domestic pollutants (solvents, maintenance products, glue, ammonia, fungus spores and mould, etc.)
  • eliminates odours
  • evacuates CO2 from breathing and combustion and increases the level of oxygen
  • reduces the level of damp, increasing heating efficiency

I don’t think multivitamins or other supplements work, some scientists say yes, some say no. personally, I don’t take them, I prefer to take the vitamines directly from the food. I would like to end this article with this quote:

“Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food.”  ~ Hippocrates

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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