What Is Your Souls Purpose In Being Here ?

Have you ever asked yourself: ‘why am I actually here on planet earth?’, ‘What is the point of all this?’

You have to see planet earth as a school for souls where every soul wants to have some experiences. You are a multi-dimensional being, that’s means that your soul is not only in this body but also in other bodies, other realities and other dimensions. You are not 1 soul in 1 body, that’s not how it works.

Before coming on planet earth, you as one part of the soul (I use the label soul, but you can also name it Universe, consciousness, existence, …), have decided everything you want to experience. You have chosen your gender, your family, the environment, country, culture, … That may sound crazy for some people because they are in a toxic family, really shitty environment, … and they are going to say: ‘why would I choose this terrible situation ?’ You have chosen this situation because your soul wants to grow, it want’s to evolve. That’s the point, your soul wants to develop a higher level of consciousness.

Maybe you are now in a bad situation, you think life sucks and ‘why me?’, … You are not mature enough and you can’t see the bigger picture. When you begin to mature, you will have plenty of AHA-moments and you will understand why this, this and this happened. Even now when you look back on your life, there is plenty of magic, isn’t it? You met this person and this created that, then you were in this situation and this situation led to this situation and so on. you see, it seems like everything was planned. That’s also the case, YOU have planned all this. Not God or whatever, YOU. What we call accidents, coincidences or synchronicities are situations that you have planned before coming here. By ‘you’ I mean your higher self, not the 3D-consciousness or waking state consciousness.

It’s a little bit tricky and maybe you won’t understand this, but the you who is watching right now the screen, the 3D-consciousness is just a recipient. You are a recipient of what your soul wants to experience. That’s why you must allow and accept what’s happening in your life and move forward. The moment you understand this, life is going to be a beautiful and exciting experience. Life is only a game, a journey, a process, enjoy it! We are all actors on this planet, don’t take it too seriously. The more you follow your intuition or what your soul wants to do, the easier it will be. The more you follow your ego, the more difficult it will be. Actually, you don’t have the choice, you can’t control anything. We have to stop being victims.

Your ego is probably not going to like what I just wrote, you maybe activated your defense mechanism or your belief systems don’t allow it. Please, keep an open mind. I wrote this so your life gets easier and make you look at things differently. The human is evolving and evolution doesn’t wait for anyone, don’t try to resist it. We have to evolve because we are destroying this planet, our relationships are getting worse, our society is getting crazy. We can’t continue like that. Eliminate all these belief systems, religions, philosophies, ideologies and all this crap. Free yourself. Look at things how they are.

I hope I gave you another perspective on life and made you questioning or maybe you found some answers to your questions.

Thank you for your time!

Author: MySpiritualHelp

A passionate about life who wants to share, help people and send some good vibes !

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