My Out-of-Body Experience

Credit: sdominick Getty Images

Before I share with you my experience I want to add a little note here. When people have out-of-body experiences they think that it’s their soul or the real you who went out, that’s not true. The human consists of 5 layers or bodies: the physical, the mental (thoughts and emotions), the energy. These 3 bodies are physical in nature. Then we have the knowledge body, some people call it the etheric body but that’s not completely true, and then we have the bliss body or the real you, the bliss body is non-physical, formless and shapeless. The knowledge body also called the transitory body, is the body that is between the physical and the non-physical. It’s this body that goes out of the physical body. If the bliss body or the real you, go out of the physical body, the game is over. It can’t go back into the physical body.

Now after my spiritual awakening a couple of months ago, I went into this what people call ‘the dark night of the soul’ where I did my purging, cleansing and removed all the belief systems that we have. It was not that ‘dark’ and it’s actually the most important phase in this whole process. The more you allow and accept, the easier it is. What happened after this, my chakra system started to open up. The first chakra that opened up was the heart chakra or what some people call the heart center awakening. Then I started to work with the energy in my body and the non-physical meridian system started to open up, these are little points that you can feel (it hurts).

I started to use what we call the sexual energy and I guided this energy to go upwards (intuitively). This energy started to build up around the belly button and it was very warm and pleasant. This process lasted for about 3-4 days. The fourth day in the afternoon, I was very tired without a particular reason, so I laid down, and I was going to take a nap. The moment a laid down, this energy, Hara, started to move all around my body. The moment I was between the waking state and dream state, unconsciously (but I was aware), I exhaled very brutally at once (I don’t know how to describe it) and this knowledge body went out of the physical body about 1 m above the physical body, it was amazing. The sensation when this body goes out, it’s like you fall into the void, but upwards. A very strange sensation. It literally gets expulsed. My mind was in panic because he didn’t know what was happening. But when I looked at my right, my hand was grey/white. It happened really quickly. Then this body slowly came back into the physical body and actually, I could move the fingers of this knowledge body because it takes a couple of seconds before it completely comes down again in the physical body. After that, all the muscles of the physical body started to move.

This is just my experience, you don’t have to believe it, but neither disbelief it. Just keep it somewhere in your mind if 1 day you experience it or you know someone that experienced it. If you have experienced it, I just want to remind you that it’s completely normal, it’s part of the evolutionary process.

Comment below if you also had that kind of experience or know someone who had this. I want to know! Thank you for your time!

Author: MySpiritualHelp

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